Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One Should Your Business Use?


Organic growth can turn an idea into a small business. However, paid advertising can be key to scaling. E-commerce companies have no shortage of online advertising platforms to choose from, but the decision may come down to industry leaders: Google Ads versus Facebook Ads, which is best for your company’s objectives?

Which online advertising platform is better for your business needs? Although they offer some similar benefits, you should consider the distinctions when deciding how to spend your advertising budget. Here’s how Google Ads and Facebook Ads compare:


How are they similar? Google and Facebook are dominant in their respective fields (search engines for Google and social networks for Facebook).

How are they different? Google’s reach is incomparable: it’s the most visited website in the world. While Facebook has three billion monthly users, Google operates on a different scale, with nearly three billion searches per minute.

Targeting Options

How are they similar? Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads offer demographic targeting.

How are they different? While Google relies more on keywords to find an audience for ads, Facebook can use user data to pinpoint a business’s ideal customer.

Ad Formats

How are they similar? Both advertising platforms offer multiple ad formats.

How are they different? The most popular ad on Google Ads, Google search ads, is text-only. Google display ads include an image but offer fewer creative options. However, Facebook ads offer greater flexibility. Typically, they are more visual and include images, videos, and carousels.

When to Use Google Ads and Facebook Ads?

The choice between Facebook Ads and Google Ads will depend on your audience, industry, and business goals. Generally, Google Ads are better for driving sales, while Facebook Ads are better for brand awareness and connecting with customers.

For example, if your company sells a utility product, you may prioritize making sales to new customers who need your product rather than building a loyal following. Therefore, you would probably choose Google Ads. In comparison, if you run a fashion company that values its exclusivity factor, you may invest more in strengthening your brand and connecting with your audience to convince them that your pieces are worth having. In this case, Facebook Ads might be the best option. While these types of ads may not result in immediate conversions, you could cultivate a loyal customer base over time.

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