Increase your sales with the Bump strategy: All you need to know


In marketing, every strategy counts to grab the customer’s attention and boost sales. One particularly effective technique, often overlooked, is the “bump”. What exactly is the bump and how can it drive your sales? In this article, we’ll delve into this strategy in detail, its purpose, examples of its application, its pros and cons, and how you can make the most out of it in your business.

What is a bump?

The bump is a marketing strategy that involves offering an additional product at a reduced price just before the customer completes a purchase. This additional product usually complements the main item the customer is already buying, offering added value that can be enticing.

What is its main goal?

Its main goal is to increase the total purchase value of the customer, leveraging the buying momentum they’ve already generated. Additionally, it can help increase the average revenue per customer and improve customer satisfaction by offering complementary products that may be of interest to them.

How can I employ the bump?

Imagine you’re buying an online photography course. Before finalizing the purchase, you’re offered the opportunity to purchase a presets package for editing your photos at a special discount. Another example would be in an electronics store, where when buying a mobile phone, you’re offered a protective case and a portable charger at a reduced price.

Advantages and disadvantages the bump can bring:


  • Increases the total purchase value of the customer.
  • Raises the average revenue per customer.
  • Offers customers complementary products that can enhance their experience.
  • Can boost sales of less popular products.


  • There’s a risk that the customer perceives the bump as aggressive selling.
  • If the additional products are not chosen wisely, it can lead to confusion or dissatisfaction.
  • Some customers may feel pressured and abandon the purchase.

In conclusion, the bump is a powerful marketing strategy that can significantly boost your sales if implemented correctly. By offering relevant and attractive additional products just before the customer completes their purchase, you can make the most of the buying momentum and enhance the customer experience. However, it’s important to use this strategy with tact and consideration to avoid alienating potential customers. With careful planning and smart execution, the bump can become an invaluable tool to maximize your sales and grow your business.

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