Website conversion optimization

Key steps

How does website conversion optimization work at Iskali Consulting?

This is one of our favorite aspects of digital marketing;
Website conversion optimization.
Many business owners tend to "set it and forget it" when it comes to their website.
However, even if something works today, it may not work tomorrow!
That's why conversion optimization is such an important part of your marketing mix.
We make sure your website is running at full speed when it comes to converting visitors into customers.
Take a look at our 5-step process below for more information!

Identifying your target

During our initial strategy session:
We work with our clients to help them clearly identify the purpose of their website.

Everyone wants more traffic and increased sales, but how are we going to do it exactly?

Depending on their current marketing efforts, they might have a good amount of website traffic but aren't getting many conversions.
This could be due to not having a clearly defined customer journey or goal.
Once we have established a clear goal, we can move on to step number 2: Website Audit.

Website Audit

Conducting a website audit involves:
  • Obtaining access to our client's website backend.
  • Using external tools.
  • Examining the public-facing part of the website.
Conversion tracking is paramount and, unfortunately, often something that is forgotten, overlooked, or implemented incorrectly.
We start by looking for things such as:
  • A slow website/landing page.
  • Unclear CTAs (Calls to Action).
  • A less-than-stellar website design.
  • Ease of use.
  • How conversion tracking is conducted.
Pixel tracking, UTM parameters, and email address tagging will literally tell you whether it's worth continuing with your efforts or not.
We use this detailed audit to design your
  • Strategy
  • Roadmap
of Conversion Optimization.

Strategy and Roadmap

At this point, we have a fairly clear idea of the optimization strategy and the work that needs to be done to increase conversion rates.
We formalize the strategy by creating a comprehensive roadmap.
The roadmap includes a schedule of all conversion optimizations to be implemented and a detailed list of tasks to be completed each week (or month!).
Not only do we develop the strategy and roadmap, but we also execute it.

Website optimization

We start with the low-hanging fruit that we identified during the audit phase. These are things that are likely to have a significant impact and should be executed very quickly.
Some of the simplest conversion optimizations include:
  • Fixing website speed.
  • Implementing proper tracking.
  • Making your CTAs more obvious.
  • Fine-tuning the website layout.
After these optimizations are implemented, we postpone any major changes for a few days or weeks, depending on how many website visitors arrive at the site.
We need time to gather data to determine whether what we've done has had an impact or not.
The next step involves:
  • Working with your team to create better offers.
  • Making significant updates to the website design.
  • Adding exit-intent email captures.
  • Organizing your email contacts.

Analyzing and Iterating

At the end of each month, we provide our clients with a detailed report that describes what was implemented, what worked, and where we are still testing.
The important thing to remember is that website conversion optimization is something that constantly changes.
What works today may not work a year from now.
With constant reporting and adjustments, we help our clients increase conversion rates while simultaneously reducing the cost per conversion.
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Saturday: 8:30AM-1PM
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