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How Instagram Ads work at Iskali Consulting?

Key steps
Instagram is near and dear to our hearts. As a group of digital marketing star millennials, we grew up with this platform and have seen it evolve from the photo-sharing app we once knew to become the second most used social media giant platform in Mexico.
We have been posting IG ads for as long as you have been able to post IG ads.
We're ready to take your brand to the next level on Instagram.
Read on to find out how it works

Audit of
Accounts and Pixels

Instagram ads were launched in November 2013.
Sound old to you?
so we are not reinventing the wheel.
We focus on optimizing your brand's IG strategy so that it can work in the best possible way and ultimately drive profitability and/or growth for your business.
We examine your existing account and audit it:
  • The structure of the campaign.
  • The audiences.
  • The creativity.
  • The messages.
  • Destination pages.
and more
To make sure we are in tune with what works and know how to avoid what does not.
This all starts with an audit of accounts and pixels.
Everything we do is data-driven, as is every optimization we do; this is the key to making informed strategy decisions.
While this is happening, our monitoring team is simultaneously working under the hood to make sure that any event or data we want to capture is captured correctly.
Data is the most important and useful thing for us, but confusing and inaccurate data is practically useless.
This is a crucial step in the process, but don't worry:
Our team has your back and we will make sure we are 100% configured before launch.

Strategy and
Audience Building

Now that we know the ins and outs of your brand and account history, we get to work on strategy and audience building.
Here we take many things into account, including:
  • Your budget.
  • Audience.
  • Historical performance of the campaign.
  • General Instagram KPIs.
We'll work our magic
and then we will get back to you with a complete plan outline to review.
We love the company
and collaboration is key
that's why we accompany you on this journey and work to ensure that we achieve every goal.
Together, we can design the ultimate Instagram ad strategy for your brand.
(Don't worry, we'll do all the heavy work!)

and Creativity

Now let's get to the fun part (and everyone's favorite topic);
Now it's easier than ever to fill your page with stellar images and videos;
Either by creating it yourself with one of the many design applications available, working with creators and pushing branded content.

Or hiring an excellent design, photography and video team (us).
A common error
about Instagram ads is that you need to have tons of beautifully produced creative ($$$$).
But we've got good news for you:
We are not creating TV commercials, we are creating IG ads.
This process has been greatly simplified over time.
What remains crucial here is to create ads that convert, rather than ads that simply look attractive.
Most design firms prioritize design, not social strategy or profitability,
and that's what makes us different.
This also allows us to create personalized messages for different audiences, depending on their interests or the stage they are at in the marketing funnel.
Instead of developing creativity and trying to force it to fit into the strategy, we do the opposite;
Strategy first.
Since it informs creative decisions.

Final Approvals

Now that we've filled your head with marketing jargon.
It's time to put a bow on it and wrap everything up in a neat little package for a thorough review before publishing.
So that there are no outstanding questions or concerns when we officially launch the campaigns.
Our goal at this stage is to
guarantee that you and your team are 100% comfortable and confident with everything that has been presented to date.

Launching and

Three .... Two .... One... Take off!
Now we're launched and it's time to sit back and relax.
All campaigns on Instagram will start in a "learning phase", so it is strongly recommended that no adjustments or changes are made for a minimum of 2 weeks after launch.
We need to give everything some time to learn and optimize on its own before intervening.
The launch plan is exactly that;
A launching plan.
Because things change so quickly on Instagram and we have the ability to learn quickly (unlike traditional media), we can collect that data, analyze it and optimize it in real time.
This is an ongoing process that is maintained throughout the life cycle of the campaign, and as optimizations are made, they are followed up in detail.
In this way,
You have visibility of what happens in the account (we hate secrets).
and we can perform broader data analysis to spot trends as we move forward.
It sounds like a lot, and it is, but you have the most capable Instagram team to support you every step of the way.
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Calle Ing. Juan Ojeda Robles 870,
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Monday-Friday: 8:30AM-5PM
Saturday: 8:30AM-1PM
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